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About CSI
About Us

Advanced technology of all types- audio, video, voice, data, and security are of the utmost importance.

Communication Systems, Inc. (CSI) is a full service advanced technology systems integrator of custom solutions incorporating audio, video, voice, data and security hardware and software. We offer these customized solutions to educational institutions, medical facilities, business, government and houses of worship.

We are comprised of three divisions that come together to service your particular technology requirements: sound and video, communication and information technologies, and life safety and security.

Our specialized engineering and technical staff team up to ensure that applications and hardware of various manufacturers will work together. This eliminates the need and risk of working with multiple vendors and having incompatibility issues. Our single-source, one-stop-shop approach eliminates finger pointing and reduces installation time and overall cost.

Since our founding in 1975, over 1000 customers have come to rely on us for our design, engineering, training, maintenance and overall system support.

Jim Landis
Co-Owner, President

Bev Landis
Co-Owner, Director of Human Resources

Wayne Becker
Vice President of Business Development

Charlie Thiel
Director of Operations

Andy Heist
Director of Engineering

Hal Evans
Service Manager

Josh Braskie
Director of Information Technology
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