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Service & Support

CSI is renowned for its 24-hour repair service. Our customers know that if they call for repair or maintenance on their systems, we respond immediately and usually have replacement parts within hours, rather than days. We understand the importance of maintaining a reliable system and will do everything we can to keep your voice, data, video, and emergency signals flowing.

Preventative Maintenance is part of our proposals for each and every system. For non-CSI installed systems, we offer ongoing Preventative Maintenance and Comprehensive Maintenance Agreements to ensure that your systems will continue to operate efficiently and reliably. We can tailor a program to suit your budget and needs.

We understand that companies and organizations can experience turnover throughout the course of the year. Because of this, CSI also offers ongoing operator training for CSI installed systems.

Our staff and programs are focused upon keeping you up-to-date with the many changes in software, hardware and maintenance throughout the life of your system.

It isn't just service. Its CSI service.
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