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Since 1949, Electro Chemical has been a leader in the war on corrosion. We pioneered the first fluoropolymer systems for corrosion control in the 1960's, and currently offer a complete line of time-tested fluoropolymer sheet lining, performance coating, and rotolined systems.

As a full service, turnkey supplier, we provide corrosion control solutions for both new and existing equipment. For less severe corrosive conditions, we also provide thermoplastic, elastomer, rubber, and thermoset linings. Our teams are available for field deployment when it is impractical to do the work at our facility.

In addition to tanks and linings, Electro Chemical also is a certified inspector of above ground storage tanks, and provides turnkey tank installation, removal, and disposal services. These services include installation and maintenance of process piping and chemical resistant flooring systems at customer sites.

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