Process PipingElectro Chemical

  • Maintains chemical purity at parts per billion (ppb) levels
  • Ensures ultra-low metallic ion extractables

Since 1984, Electro Chemical has been providing the semiconductor industry with fluoropolymer lined fluid containment systems that ensure the integrity of ultra-pure chemicals from the point of manufacture to the point of use. All systems meet all ISO, IMO, USDOT, and ASME Code Standards for transport and storage of bulk chemicals.

D I Water System Tank Trailers Isotainers Storage Tanks Day Tanks

Lining Material Standard Lining Thicknesses
PFA 1.5 mm (60 mil), 2.3 mm (90 mil), 2.8 mm (110 mil)
PTFE-M 2.5 mm (98 mil), 3.2 mm (125 mil)
PVDF 1.5 mm (60 mil), 2.3 mm (90 mil), 3.0 mm (118 mil)
FEP 1.5 mm (60 mil), 2.3 mm (90 mil)
E-CTFE 1.5 mm (60 mil), 2.3 mm (90 mil)
ETFE 1.5 mm (60 mil), 2.3 mm (90 mil)

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